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Specialised Reflexology

Welcome to Specialised Reflexology!
Yes, it´s time to assume that Reflexology as a therapy on its own right has developed in a fantastic way through the last decades. In this website you will be able to read about my work in the three fields of expertise I developed my career: Maternity Reflexology, Reflexology and the Treatment of Pain and Analyzing Personality Patterns Through the Feet. Enjoy! 

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Reflexology Books

INHERITED FEET, my new book, will be launched by May 2016.
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Maternity Reflexology

The Maternity Reflexogy Training Programme (MRTP) comprehends the fields of Pre-Conception, Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth preparation, Birth, the Puerperium and the attention of babies. Reflexology is probably the best manual therapy to be applied in this field.

Online & Hands-On

Here you can read about the next hands-on courses to be delivered worldwide and the Online courses and webinars delivered online. 

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Analyzing Personality

It is a guide to a process of deep understanding and personal transformation.
This is the best definition of the course received from hundreds of participants who have attended this course worldwide over the past 12 years.

It not only aims to provide information about the method of Foot Reading, but also to propose a personal opportunity to connect with your intuition, your own inner teacher, to understand more about your patients' (or clients') attitudes to life (and yours too!), to help them recognize their own and personal lights and shadows, and maybe to discover so many aspects in the members of your family, your friends, your children, their vocation in life….and much, much more. And about yourself!

The Treatment of Pain

Every therapist can say how many times has faced challenging, intrincated and painful pathologies. When conventional medicine fails to offer the patient a real solution to his pain, the only option is to focus on the patient in a different way.

In my case, this leads to innovation and trial of  new and effective techniques, tayloring them according to the possibilities of the patient.

I developed a new approach in my practice: the best possible way to get rid of pain is to enhance pleasure, motion and freedom. The body knows how to deal with this.

The results of this approach, that later developed in the Kruchik Method for the Treatment of Pain, proved me to work much better than the old concept "no pain no gain". 
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