The Treatment of Pain

An amazing, groundbreaking, unique course.
Created and delivered by Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik
If there is one experience which unites all human beings equally, it is pain.
We all meet pain at some point during our lives .
This course aims not only to provide useful tools for the effective treatment of pain but also to introduce a new concept that offers a different, bold, logical, pleasurable, rejuvenating, accurate and creative approach; to enhance the body and to empower our patient through the recreation of pleasure, using a methodology that aims to empower the body to deal with pain in an effective way, instead of fighting against the pain.

The multiplicity of techniques you'll learn in this course will inspire you so that you'll see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in your work as a therapist. These techniques will help you get amazing therapeutic results quickly.
Who can benefit from this course?
Expert therapists in Reflexology, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, can benefit from this course.
The Kruchik Method
In this course I have compiled the therapeutic experience of 16 years as a Reflexologist in which I have faced challenging, complex and intricate situations. The common denominator among them was the resignation to pain and the belief that nothing more would help. Patients came to Reflexology without much faith saying that they had tried everything, even the most unlikely things.
Reflexology is surprising, wise and simple; able to provide quick solutions to complex problems from the first session, providing a glimmer of hope to patients who had tried everything but not always achieving long lasting results.
The concept promoted by this course is the opposite to the classic concept "fighting pain with more pain".
The Kruchik Method is based on the creation of pleasure to fight pain.
It is based on the belief that all body reserves are there to serve the patient's own reserves, empowering them to deal with the pain but with a different therapeutic approach; never fighting the pain head on but educating the body to find and use their own medicines and creating pleasure, so that this be reconciled with all its resources to create a deep and unwavering sense of wellbeing.
This methodology includes exploration, mapping, understanding and treatment of pain through a combination of techniques including the release of connective tissue, the treatment of the endocrine system, a thorough stimulation of the nervous system through each and every one of the nervous plexuses, the use of linking techniques for a positive neuro-endocrine response, specific techniques for specific pathologies and more.
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